Monday, August 22, 2011

{A Blissful Week}

Started from a week a go, i feel so restless.. :(
There're too many things to do in a few time.

But thanks God, i'm feeling blessed today.
How God gives me some talents and a pair of magic fingers, always make my day comes alive :)

ten days a go, i brought Nita's order to my office, then, beyond my expectation.. some of my office mates interested on it.. and ORDER it :)
I've got at about twenty pieces of flower brooches to do.
And today... It's a Wrap ;)

ready to go..

Although yesterday I felt so messed up when realize that my labels gone.. This "panic" labels also make them looks pretty, right? hihihihi :D
You can have it for your own too, if you desire.
Just feel free to contact me ;)

Oh,well.. froom brooches.. now i've got some orders to make hairpins! Thank you sooo much, pals.. *kissed you brutally* :D
Then i will have another blissful week, next week :)

Oh, before i forgot.. I'll teach you how to fold napkin, as soon as possible ;)
Prepare your napkins.. and we'll transformed it become....

a pretty swan :)

Have a great Monday, peoples.. :)


  1. huaaaa bunga yg ungu apikkkkk nop...

  2. mau pesen lagi? hahhaha :p ini temen2 kantorku minta dibikinin jepit rambut pake bros yg gede :D

  3. aku sukaa banget deh...punya juga 1 warna ungu nov...

  4. hehe.. ternyata byk yg suka warna ungu ya :) pesenan yg baru ini jg byk yg minta ungu


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